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6X6 Media specializes in helping businesses market themselves more effectively and efficiently on the internet. We offer a variety of services that enable businesses to improve their ranking in the search engines as well as put together a website that will help generate more traffic. With tools such as Google My Business and Google maps, our company helps businesses make themselves more visible with their map ranking and location. Along with offering higher location ranking in Google maps and with Google My Business, we also offer affordable fees and a consultation to help your business reach its full potential. We want nothing more than to see your business succeed!

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Digital Marketing Paris TX

​One of the main services that we offer is digital marketing. With digital marketing, we work with businesses to ensure that their website reaches the top of the search engines. Our company can help your business with search engine optimization which allows your site to reach the top of the search engines without any advertising. SEO Paris services also help boost your visibility in terms of map ranking.

Another service we offer is pay per click advertising which entails listing your site at the top of the search engines and paying whenever someone visits your site. This allows you to maximize exposure immediately as well as control your marketing expenses. Pay per click advertising can also help boost visibility with a higher location ranking as well.

As well as offering pay per click advertising and SEO to boost your visibility and show your location, we also offer social media marketing services as well. With social media marketing, we will help you develop a presence on social media sites. The social media sites will provide a link to your website as well as brief statements about the latest developments in your business. This can be and often is a very effective way to get more exposure for your business on the internet.

Web Design Paris

Providing digital marketing services is not the only service we offer that benefits businesses. We also offer website development and web design Paris. With this particular service, our company will design and build a website for your business. Our company will put together the color scheme, the layout and the content of your site. As well as designing and building the website, we will also provide you with advice on how to best develop your site. Our website development services compliment our online marketing services so that you will be able to more effectively develop an online presence for your business. Not only do we want to make sure customers are clicking on your website, but we want them to really enjoy what they see when they do visit your website. We take our web design very seriously regarding both of these aspects.

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Google My Business


Whenever we complete developing your website and begin marketing, one of the first things we will do is get you a business page on Google. Since this is the top search engine, it is important to have a presence on it in order to maximize exposure. We will help you list your business and also make any necessary changes to update your online presence. Our company will help you change your address, change your website name, list your website and help you post reviews from customers.


​As a business, it is important to get to the top of the search engines when you are marketing your business online. Along with getting to the top of the search engines, it is also very important to get a high ranking on maps as well. Our company will help to ensure that your site and business are visible on the maps of your local area. With a high ranking on local maps, consumers will be able to find you online more easily. As a result, you will be in position to get more customers and increase your revenue. As we all know, more revenue turns into more profit!

Location & Ranking

​Anytime you start up a business and are looking to market online, the locations and ranking will be very important. We will help ensure that your site is at a high ranking in both the mapping as well as in the search engines. Higher rankings with maps and search engines will allow you to maximize exposure for your business and market more effectively all while saving money.


​We offer prices and fees that are very affordable for any budget. Our company provides SEO marketing and website development for fees that are among the most valuable in the industry. With our affordable prices and fees, businesses will be able to get the vital assistance they need for their internet marketing. This is what puts 6X6 Media above the rest of the competition!


​Before providing your business with our online marketing and website development services, we will offer you an initial consultation. This consultation will assess your needs and also give you feedback on what will best suit the needs of your business. During the consultation, we will answer any questions you have as well as give you information about how our services will help your business as well. With a consultation, you will be able to take the first step in marketing your business on the internet. Get started today!

Search Engine Optimization

6X6 Media is committed to providing you with top level SEO in order to rank your website above your competition and bring more revenue to your business!

Google My Business Rankings

Our GMB ranking system is next to none. We utilize top-tier citations coupled with website optimization to be the first business on your area’s Google Map Pack!

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We at 6X6 Media make sure to cross every T and dot every i when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. This is what gets your business ranking!

Website Design

We have a top notch design team ready to take your website design above the others. This ultimately helps with client conversion rate!

Google Ads

Having a new website means it will take some time to start ranking for keywords. Let us kick off a Google Ad campaign to get revenue today!

Facebook Ads

Running a Facebook ad campaign can be rather difficult to maximize your ROI. Let the professionals at 6X6 Media take care of it for you!

GMB Rankings

Most people in an emergency call the first phone number that pops up on Google. Since the map pack shows above the rest, let us get you in that number one spot!

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Our professional design and SEO teams have spent many years in the industry to not only perfect their craft, but to understand all the needs of every one of our customers in order to meet their desires. We deliver RESULTS.

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We take pride in our work. That is what makes us the best. Plain and Simple.

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We provide service that is matched by no other. Keeping us as the best Web Design company in Texas.

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We make sure to provide the best value to ALL of our customers.